Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flesh on the Bones

I have started to paint some of the flesh and a few other elements in the picture.  I am painting rather loosely at this stage, trying to get as much paint on the canvas as I can, focusing on building form and keeping my tones near the middle range.  I am not working on fine details yet,  just blocking in - (although I can't resist sometimes...) For the figure, I am focused on getting the thing to look solid - that there is meat and flesh there. I will go back in later to finness and model it a bit more. 

Colors being used for flesh: 
  • Naples yellow
  • Cadmium Red light
  • Manganese Blue (hue) - not 100% sold on this one...  but using it for the cools
  • Titanium white
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Raw Sienna
  • Ivory Black - also being used to cool - see this post

My pictures are not the best.  There should not be such a major difference in the tones from pic to pic.  I try to lay it down and move on. I'm working with three brushes, small, medium, large (ish).  the larger brush has my warm tones - the medium has my cool tone - and my small brush bounces back and forth as needed. This way I keep my colors "clean".

As I get more paint on the surface, I will be able to evaluate my tones and start to push things around.  There is still a lot of surface to cover. In general, I am painting a bit bright because I know I'm going to glaze it all down later.

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