Sunday, December 20, 2009

some changes...

I have tentatively finished this portrait,
"Justice."  24" x 36"
I'm not thrilled with the hand holding the books.  It is popping out too much.  Too many warm tones in the shadows. I think the pages directly below the hand need to be brighter too, maybe that will offset some of the tones.....

I'll let it breathe for a little while.
Lately I have been re-working some of my existing pieces.  I re-painted the faces on a few pictures ("Caity", and both faces on "Becoming"), and have tweaked colors.  I guess I wasn't satisfied with them. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

some old gems...

Found these images while doing some cleaning of the ol' hardrive.

these were all done in 1999, with the exception of "Lake Champlain" which was done in 2004. All are Caran-D'ache oil crayons on black board.

from the top " Wahconah Falls" - Stockbridge Bowl" - "Lenox in Fall" -"Lake Champlain" - "Mt. Greylock" - "Bash Bish Falls"