Sunday, April 28, 2013

Salon Style

Here comes the show.
I've been working on this for over a month now.  40+ pieces. This show will contain work spanning the past 4 years.  Many have been in storage or taken off their stretchers and rolled up, never to be seen again.  It will be hung Salon Style - meaning wall to wall - floor to ceiling - with only a few inches between each piece.

Most have been dusted off, put back on the easel, and asked: "will you be in my show? Yes or No." The No votes get a second question: "Is there something I can fix?"  If this answer is "Yes" - it goes back on the easel for a makeover or touch up.  Sometimes completely painting over the entire image, other times adding the elements I wish I had added, or fixing passages that never came out right in the first place.

Re-painting can be destructive - but the philosophy is this - It was destined to be in storage anyway, so why not try to make it beautiful.  It can not get any worse than it already was.  and besides.  I am confident enough in my abilities that I can resuscitate any dead canvas.  and if it doesn't come out? It was No anyway.

Come on by and check it out.