Monday, June 4, 2012

Reverence of the Gorillas

...and this is the evolution.  The trinity of gorillas with their gold leaf halos in various stages/degrees of understanding.  I think this one lends itself to multiple interpretations form the viewer.  I'm not sure if this is because we as humans see glimpses of ourselves in primates, but I will save my own view on this one.

Technically, as this piece progressed, it became about balancing the composition while maintaining the movement and focus. The circles became an important device to connect the gorillas and to contrast the heavily textured and linear fur and grass elements.They also serve to break up the space that was initially dominated by the central, more complete, silverback. 

Possibly, the most successful device in the image is the one that is intentionally missing. the eyes of the gorilla at the left... eye contact with a gorilla can be interpreted as a sign of aggression on your part, and they will attack. leaving out the eyes allows the viewer to look deeper and longer, and share an experience communicated solely through the eyes.