Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Large Canvas - 48" x 72"

Today I am stretching my biggest canvas to date.

122cm x 183cm

Absolutely no ideas yet for subject matter that are concrete, and not worried about it. I stretched the canvas because I want to do it. I need to do something larger than me. It's about time too. I looked at my pieces on the wall at a recent opening and was kind of let down by how well they held the space. They needed to be bigger. A bigger canvas was in order.

Besides, it is really exciting to think about this big piece. It is already imposing and it is only the plain stretcher bars....

The canvas was a bit dirty from being tucked away for a while, so I am planning on putting the canvas outside for the day to air out. Clean canvas = good ground. It is the foundation after all, so start out strong. I need to build two cross beams to support the middle of this thing too, and maybe some slats for the corners.....

I've been looking a lot at different artists lately while trying to get better at painting. And the secret is to keep painting, and to improve with every picture- or to at least keep moving into a direction and learning how to work through something.

Odd Nerdrum is who I'm looking at tonight. A beauty of a book. Norwgian painter. My Art teacher Tony Janello at RISD introduced him to me back in '97. I just started to read about him again.

Anyway, the reason I am doing this tonight is this:

I just looked at one of the images, Man With Woman's Head, and it says it is 57" x 72.8 (145cm x 185cm) in size.

so I grabbed the biggest strips I have in the studio and stapled them together.

and here we are.