Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Happens

My painting "Marla" got juried in and will be on display as part of the O Solo Mama Mia Festival. This will be the first time this painting has been on display.  I wish I could get a good frame for it in time.  I think it would look x-tra sharp. I'll poke around and see...

I also put the finishing touches on the Caravaggio study I did called "Tattooed Jesus"- and a nice coat of varnish over the top.

I have another opportunity coming up next month as part of a group show.  I have to determine what I want to put in. I think a landscape might be in order, so I should get out there and get painting soon. 

I did an inventory of what I have for paints/brushes/canvas today.  Need to replenish a few colors for my Plein Air adventures.  I'll post a pic of how I rigged my easel so it doesn't collapse in the wind, and what I will be taking with me outdoors to paint. This year I'll take some pics out in the field too.