Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December Show

Over the summer, I made a few new pieces for a potential show in a local restaurant. The show was  postponed, and I wanted to exhibit them to see how they look outside of the studio. Although they may be new to you, gentle reader, they are based on pieces I was working on in early 2007, prior to picking up oil painting.  I always liked the technique, and wanted to revisit it on a bigger scale -- but I still want to make them LARGER! - sometime.

They are completely experimental. They are designed to be more atmospheric and evocative rather than  adhere to the realistic formalism that I've been working on. They are intended as decor. There is no "image" or subject, but I do get a strong impression of aerial landscapes and deep aquatic/neurological organisms.  that's how they got their names.

Each panel is built on a wooden box frame, which allows them to sit about 1.5" off the wall. They can be hung vertical, horizontal, together or separate. This is how they look in scale to each other -  they are from one 48x96 piece of board.

and here is a detail of the red ones - I call them Mission to Mars.

and detail of the white one (above right panel)- I call them Cnidarians.

I just think they look cool - and would look cool in a variety of settings.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

more skull painting

Another painting over an existing work...24"x24"
ivory black, titanium white, yellow ochre and burnt sienna.

here is a before and after gif. the original image was done in 2008.