Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Step x Step Day 1

I really like reading blogs where an artist explains what they are doing using a step by step approach with pictures and text.

This will be my attempt.

I already have the image in mind and have planned out the majority of the composition, so this will be purely about materials and execution. If you don't care about that stuff, I hope the pictures are educating.

What you see propped up on my easel in the above image is a 48"x32" piece of 1/4" masonite board that was cut out of a 4'x8' piece I got at the hardware store.  You can get this stuff almost anywhere.  One side is smooth, and the other is lightly textured. I will be using the smooth side.

To prepare the surface for oil painting, I applied three coats of oil based primer.  I have used acrylic in the past, but I've been doing some reading, and oil based is apparently better suited for oil painting.  It binds better chemically.  The brand I am using is Zinseer Oil Based Primer.  I used a little 5" roller with the "hot dog" shaped rollers because it says on the package it creates the smoothest coat.  and so it has.  I would not recommend this stuff for indoor use, because the VOC and fumes are a bit much.  Because we have over 3' of snow, I did it in the studio.  It dries in less than an hour, but I applied one coat and left it for the day to dry (and air out)  After the third coat was dry, I took 150 sand paper to it and the surface was really nice.  I probably should have sanded in between coats 2 and 3.

After sanding I used Raw Sienna and turpentine to create a nice toned surface- that is what you see in the picture - it glows.  The paint has a Walnut Oil binder which makes the paint very creamy and smooth.  Very high quality.  DaVinci used walnut oil as a binder in his pigments (as did many other artists at that time)  I used the brand M.Graham
detail of my board...

up next.... transferring the drawing to the board!

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