Thursday, September 23, 2010


In an effort to keep things fresh and possibly interesting to whomever is reading this blog, I give you this entry:

Today I got up extra early (6am) and hit the road for the 3 hour ride to Boston.  The reason for this journey?  To file my paper work with the Italian Consulate in Boston for dual citizenship.  Italian and American.  Two Passports.  A citizen of the European Union. Thanks Nicole.
Things went really easily for me.  The hard part was getting my Mother's documentation in order to prove the lineage.  So now I wait a month for my birth to be recorded in Belcastro.

Tonight I also accepted my first proper portrait commission. This is something I am extremely proud of and really looking forward to.  It is a direct result of the live portrait drawings I did at the Clark back in February. A met a very nice man who sat for me and his wife.  He wanted to give his wife a special present to commemorate her 25th year of being in the States, and decided on a portrait painted by yours truly. I am really looking forward to the one on one interaction.  What a story this guy has already told me after our first meeting tonight!

So after showing him around my studio, talking over the logistics of the portrait, and getting to know a bit about each other,  we will be off and running on Tuesday of next week.  I logged 336 miles in the car, and about 3,200 mental miles in tonight's conversation.  All in all a productive day.  And I even got some fresh paint on the Kripalu painting.

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