Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back in the Fire

I have started packing up many paintings in the past few days to get them out of the studio to make room for new work.  I'm a bit tired of looking at some of them honestly, and I also don't want them to influence anything from this point further. So they are getting wrapped in bubble wrap and into the archives for a loooong time.  It will be fun to upack them some day - maybe I'll even be surprised.

But a couple pieces have been giving me the "eye" for quite some time, so I needed to address them.  The "eye" means that I never quite gave them what they needed at the time, and they are now ready (and so am I).  I've got to start taking better photographs though....

First up - Figure Study from 2010 -
I had submitted this to a show WAY before I should have.  (see this post) I didn't give it a chance to evolve.  I had always thought of the figure as "emerging" or being birthed, but didn't show it.  The additional figures sit as partially resolved; unable to gain the flesh and longing for a chance.

Next up - After Michelangelo from 2008 -
This one has been a long time coming.  I just moved right past it after it was "done", but it's time has come too.  I often rework the drawing and the tone/color of paintings.  This one got a bit of both. 

I was never happy with the flesh tone or the form of the top figure. It had no punch and was painted rather weakly. A reworking of Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna and a touch of Cad. Red light got this figure back in shape.  It also added a much needed degree of "finish" to push the composition. 

So two pieces back in the fire.  They will get a new coat of varnish and then bubble wrapped and put away.  New work awaits.

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